We are More Than 1

Hello to all of you wonderful people! Individuals with type 1 diabetes (t1d) and the parents or caregivers of t1d individuals who manage the disease are all too familiar with the complexity of this condition. However, those of us with the diagnosis, like myself, tend to feel like we are labeled and stigmatized based on our diagnosis. There is definitely more to us than our chronic condition. It is my desire to help you understand behind the scenes of living with this specific chronic illness, realize how emotions and psychological health play a part, and how everything folds into an average life. Ready?

Type 1 Diabetes

This diagnosis does not mean there is no sugar allowed. Bring on the sweet stuff! Those with t1d merely have to function as part of their endocrine system. No problem! Hopefully, my super sunny disposition and odd humor regarding this disease will make learning about it less of a snooze-fest…


I love psychology. Don’t you? As it turns out, it is more than just how the mind works. Psychology has its foot in the door of every aspect of life. Even disease. Especially the chronic kind. Since I enjoy when people explain things to me in languages I can comprehend, I will do my best to provide that service to you. It is my platform that mental health aspects of t1d have been overlooked for too long, so I will attempt to share my knowledge as simply as possible.

Everyday Life

Now, I am a wife and stay-at-home mom to 2 girls who are both middle school bound. But I haven’t always been. Hey! I used to have a life! I am also a full-time psychology (counseling) student. Didn’t see that coming, did ya? And I have t1d. Let’s see how they blend together, shall we?